In today's dynamic markets, it's no longer enough to see down the road—you need to see around the curves.  But how can you get far enough ahead when you're relying on the same information everyone else is using?

Traditional research relies on publicly available data, anecdotal information, and limited channel checks.  But the real story has moved online, and ITG is at the very forefront of digital research.  With proprietary Web harvesting, exclusive data, and unmatched analysis, ITG gives portfolio managers and analysts clear insights no one else can offer, so you can make better investment decisions.

ITG Investment Research

From football to chess, the best strategy turns on making the right first move.  With ITG Investment Research, portfolio managers receive unmatched insights before traditional research identifies the trends for everyone else—and before those trends are reflected in market prices.

Through exclusive data provider relationships and groundbreaking, proprietary methods for analyzing massive amounts of data, we surface the key metrics that will influence a company's future performance.  Analyzed by highly skilled, quantitative researchers and interpreted by seasoned industry analysts, you get more than data—you receive strategic guidance that is objective, reliable, and actionable.

And because we don't issue buy-sell recommendations, you can trust that our only motivation is offering the superior insights you need to make better investment decisions.

ITG Industry Investment Research
Our skilled analysts, exclusive data sources, and proven research methodology drive our research.  With coverage of over 200 companies across 19 industries, we deliver the piercing insight you need to make alpha-generating decisions.

ITG Economic Research
Our highly skilled quantitative researchers and Chief Economist produce robust daily economic notes and weekly macro reports based on the analysis of millions of public and government data points.

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ITG Market Research

Making strategic business decisions shouldn’t feel like a roll of the dice.  Our industry experts draw on highly credentialed domain authorities, along with the same proprietary market intelligence and empirical data used by our Investment Research group, to create superior, cutting-edge syndicated and custom reports.  From broad industry trends to specific event reporting, we deliver the most accurate qualitative and quantitative intelligence while meeting the most ambitious timelines, even down to the granular level.

We efficiently explore and evaluate each industry we cover to deliver the in-depth qualitative insights and statistically significant quantitative data you need to make important business decisions.

Our current primary research offerings:

ITG Healthcare Market Research

ITG Telecommunications Market Research

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