• Spikes in global volatility and trading volumes characterized the first quarter. What’s next? Brace yourselves for increased complexity as Canadian regulators move into uncharted territory with their proposed Order Protection Rule changes. We dive deep into the new regulations to understand how a smaller market has become one of the world’s most complex trading environments.

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  • The quarterly Asia Pacific Market Structure Chartbook and Regulatory Summary answer such questions as:

    -Which APAC markets have the highest impact costs?
    -Which markets traded more, or less, than in the previous quarter?
    -Which APAC regulator has a new head of enforcement?
    -How is the Japanese regulator assessing the impact of HFT?

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  • Join us for a targeted call to discuss these trends and how strategy selection can help you improve performance in U.S. cash equities trading:

    -Unusual volume patterns and increased volatility over the past six months.
    -Higher transaction costs in U.S. equities for the third consecutive quarter.
    -Perception of reduced liquidity conditions.

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  • The ability to anticipate market volumes and volatility has considerable value in a variety of trading applications. Accurate forecasts of market conditions allow buy- and sell-side traders to adjust their strategies to improve trading performance. In addition, such information facilitates informed decisions regarding the difficulty of trading on a given day, the size of an order that can be realistically completed, and the true relative difficulty of trading the individual names in portfolio trades.

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